Crusader Kingdoms.

Relive the age of the Crusades in the Holy Land, incarnating the most famous Emirs, Counts, Sultans and Kings. Immerse yourself in the time of Godfrey of Bouillon, Saladin or Richard the Lionheart in these wars that would mark Christianity and Islam so deeply in later centuries.

Crusader Kingdoms is a 1-4 player game set in the Crusader era, where each player controls one of Outremer’s main Christian or Muslim kingdoms, with the goal of expanding it through intrigue and conquest.

In the solitary scenario, the player will lead the armies of the first crusade. Will you manage to reach Jerusalem and create a kingdom proud of Christianity?

For two players we have a cooperative scenario where Richard the Lionheart and Philip II on one side and Leopold V on the other, will try to save Outremer from a tragic future with the third crusade.

The era that would end in the Horns of Hattin is staged in the three-players scenario, where Saladin will dispute the hegemony in the Holy Land to the poorly matched Kingdom of Jerusalem and Principality of Antioch.

Finally, for four players the Emirs of Damascus and Aleppo will fight the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Principality of Antioch for the sacred places in the Second Crusade.

Crusader kingdoms mock up

Here you have the game ready to print and play.

You perfectionists can even download the box.

The instructions to do it yourself are here.

You can see a Solo Playthrough from “One Stop Co-op Shop” here.

For those of you who don’t have the time, the game is also available here in The Game Crafter.