Ultima Ratio Regis.

Ultima Ratio Regis, the definitive strategy game of the modern age.

Ultima Ratio Regis (uRR) is a game for 1-8 players, which recreates the military history of the modern European age, starting with the discovery of America, and ending with the French revolution.
The game spans 20 15-year turns, lasting between two and four hours each, and is organized into multi-turn scenarios. In Ultima Ratio Regis, players will lead the different powers that disputed the world hegemony during the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.

This first release provided an introductory 1 player scenario “The Rise of Portugal”, and two scenarios for the first 3 and 5 game turns: “New Order” and “Italian Wars”.

In this second release we add three new scenarios: Wars of Religion, turns 6 to 8 (1565 – 1609) where from 3 to 8 friends will have a great time in these very interesting 45 years of history. It is the time when Turkey and Spain reach the top of their power, the time of great characters such as Elizabeth I of England, Alejandro Farnesio, Ivan the Terrible or Princes William and Maurice of Orange.

Another second scenario we provide is “Catholics and Protestants”, based on the previous period but for 2 to 3 players and basically limited to Western Europe. Finally in the 16th century campaign scenario, up to 7 players will be able to play the 8 turns of the 16th century (period 1490 – 1609).

In addition to the scenarios, an improved version of the map, revised game rules and examples are included, as well as a superior graphic design for cards and chits.

We are still working hard with the translation (buff!). All game elements are translated except the rules, so it is not necessary for all players to understand Spanish.

Our goal is to make a free and collaborative game, designed by players and aimed at players. Any help with the translation or with the style review will be more than welcome. You can also encourage yourself to make new scenarios and share them with everyone.

In the designer notes you can see the reason for many design decisions, and you can go a little deeper into this game.

uRR map

uRR map

Download here the game

uRR elements

Ultima Ratio Regis elements: Cards, maps and counters.

Size: 19.2 MB
Version: 1.2

Rules must be downloaded in Spanish here.  We are still working hard on the translation.

Power card example

Power card example